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The Main 3-4 subwatershed of the Rouge River is located in the eastern part of Wayne County and is home to approximately 593,324 people according to 1990 Census data. The Main 3-4 subwatershed has a drainage area of 91.37 miles and includes portions of the communities of Redford Township, Detroit, Dearborn Heights, Dearborn, Allen Park, Melvindale, and River Rouge.

A large portion of the Main 3-4 subwatershed is covered by impervious surfaces such as roads, rooftops, and parking lots. This subwatershed is completely built out and has been developed into residential (56%) and industrial (31%) land uses. The high percentage of impervious surfaces has contributed to the large variations in the River's flow.

Currently, many impairments to the Main 3-4 branch of the Rouge River are being addressed through the Rouge Gateway Project. The purpose of the Gateway Project is to promote ecosystem restoration, heritage preservation, increased recreation, and economic development of the Rouge River.

The Main 3-4 Subwatershed Group has developed a watershed management plan in accordance with the requirements of the Michigan General Storm Water Permit. For questions or further information contact Zachare Ball at

A Common Appendix has been developed for the subwatershed management plans. This includes detailed technical data, maps, and information best management practices for each of the seven subwatersheds.

Communities are currently working on their Storm Water Pollution Prevention Initiative (SWPPI). Click here for guidance materials on developing the SWPPI.

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Last Updated: 10/26/01

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The Rouge River National Wet Weather Demonstration Project is funded, in part, by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Grants #XP995743-01, -02, -03, -04, -05, -06, -07, -08, -09 and C-264000-01.