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The Upper Subwatershed encompasses 91.37 square miles and includes portions of eight cities and townships in both Wayne and Oakland Counties. It lies in the northern central portion of the Rouge River Watershed in Southeastern Michigan. All of the rainwater that falls on this land area flows over the land, into storm drains, or through groundwater to the Upper Branch of the Rouge River that flows in a southeasterly path.

The Upper Subwatershed Group has developed a watershed management plan in accordance with the requirements of the Michigan General Storm Water Permit. For questions or further information contact Jack Bails at jbails@pscinc.com.

A Common Appendix has been developed for the subwatershed management plans. This includes detailed technical data, maps, and information best management practices for each of the seven subwatersheds.

The Upper Subwatershed Group has prepared the 2003 Progress Measures Interim Report for the Upper Subwatershed Management Plan. This report provides an update on each of the status measures identified in the Subwatershed Management Plan.

The Upper Subwatershed Group supports a number of public involvement activities throughout the year, many in cooperation with the Friends of the Rouge. Please review the minutes of the Upper SWAG for notices of upcoming public involvement activities designed to encourage stewardship of the river.


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