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Ordinance Information

Adopting local ordinances are one of many tools local communities can utilize to protect their water resources. Used in a vacuum, ordinances may not be very effective. However, as part of a comprehensive program that includes education and regulation, ordinances can be an effective tool in the protection of area resources.

An important step toward the establishment of a comprehensive program to protect water resources is to review existing local ordinances and determine if gaps exist that will result in negative impacts to the water resource. This section lists various types of sample ordinances a community could adopt in order to manage the resource. Wayne County has developed numerous ordinances that to ensure watershed protection. Click here to review these ordinances.

Summary Guide of Ordinances for Rouge River Communities
The Summary Guide of Ordinances for Rouge River Communities provides a summary of the types of storm water ordinances currently in force in many of the Rouge Watershed communities. It is a tool to aid communities in creating a comprehensive local ordinance, or a series of ordinances, to reduce the adverse effects of common human activities on our water resources. The summary guide consists of seven areas of developing storm water ordinances:

  1. Controlling Storm Water Quantity and Quality
  2. Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
  3. Managing Septic Systems
  4. Protecting Wetlands
  5. Maintaining Vegetative Buffer Zones and Stabilizing Streambanks
  6. Floodplain/Watercourse: Maintaining Docks and Other Water Dependent Structures
  7. Establishing Wildlife Corridors

Putting the Water Quality Plan into Action: Tools for Local Governments
Putting the Water Quality Plan into Action: Tools for Local Governments was developed by the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments and provides specific actions local communities may implement to protect their water resources. Topics include: storm water runoff, onsite disposal systems, stream corridor protection, wetlands, groundwater, habitat and sewer infrastructure.

Center for Watershed Protection
The Center for Watershed Protection was founded in 1992 and works with local, state, and federal governmental agencies, environmental consulting firms, watershed organizations, and the general public to provide objective and scientifically sound information on effective techniques to protect and restore urban watersheds. The Center has developed numerous publications to assist various stakeholders, including:


Sample Ordinances

The sample ordinances provided here are intended to provide language and ideas that communities can incorporate when developing their own ordinances. However, communities are encouraged not to copy these ordinances word-for-word, but customize them based on your community's needs.

Storm Water Management Ordinance
Canton Township
Salem Township
Washtenaw County
Wayne County

On-site Sewage Disposal System Evaluation and Maintenance Ordinance
Wayne County
Washtenaw County

Feeding Fowl

West Bloomfield Township

Floodplain, Watercourse and Wetland Protection
West Bloomfield Township

Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control

West Bloomfield Township

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