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Rouge Project Presentations on the
Illicit Discharge Elimination Program

Representatives of the Rouge Project have presented numerous technical papers and presentations at professional meetings and conferences about the illicit discharge elimination program being used in the Rouge River watershed. Those papers and presentations are listed below and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate title. See also Illicit Discharge Elimination Program Reports for more technical information on the watershed management program.

April 2001 Evaluation and Management of On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems: New Challenges, New Initiatives, New Partnerships by Barry Johnson, Richard Fleece, and Steve Tackitt, 11 pages, American Society of Agricultural Engineers.
July 2000 Using GIS Tools To Implement an Illicit Discharge Elimination Program in Livonia, Michigan by Christine A. Rohrer and Robert J. Beckley, Watershed 2000, Vancouver.
August 1999 The Do's and Don'ts on Implementing a Successful Illicit Connection Program by Dean Tuomari, 12 pages, WEF Specialty Conference.
May 1998 From Theory to Implementation-Finding Illicit Connections by Barry Johnson & Dean Tuomari, 7 pages, WEF Specialty Conference, Denver.
February 1998 Did You Know...The Impact of On-Site Sewage Systems And Illicit Discharges On The Rouge River by Barry Johnson and Dean Tuomari, 10 pages, The National Conference on Retrofit Opportunities for Water Resource Protection in Urban Environments, Chicago.
October 1996 Identification of Illicit Connections in Storm Sewers: An Innovative Approach Using Stable Isotopes, by Sangal, Suresh K., Pradeep K. Aggarwal, Dean Tuomari, 12 pages, WEFTEC 96, Dallas.
May 1995 Rouge River Watershed Illicit Sewer Connection Detection Program: A GIS Application by Dean Tuomari, John Foley and Ellen Taylor, 14 pages, ESRI Annual Conference, Palm Springs, CA.


Rouge Project Presentations on the Illicit Discharge Elimination Program

Last Updated: 3/20/2004

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