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Watershed Restoration Reports

The listing below presents the reports that have a main focus of watershed restoration efforts. It is important to note that there are a very large number of reports at other locations on this web site that closely support watershed restoration activities. The reader should click on the other sections of the web site to view those reports. To view those reports, click on Wetlands, Storm Water Management, Geographic Information Systems, Data Management, Nonpoint Source Pollution, Illicit Discharges / Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems, Financial and Institutional Arrangements, Modeling, and Monitoring, and Combined Sewer Overflows.

  1. 1995 Streambank Erosion Reconnaissance Survey
  2. Aesthetic Descriptors of Water Quality: Rouge River and Main Tributaries
  3. Aesthetic Quality Index for the Rouge River
  4. Analysis of Existing Detention Ponds in the Rouge River Watershed
  5. Aquatic Habitat Survey
  6. Branch Report: Lower Rouge River
  7. Common Appendix for Rouge Subwatershed Management Plans Submitted in Fulfillment of the MDEQ Stormwater General Permit
  8. Comprehensive Watershed Analysis Tools: The Rouge Project-A Case Study
  9. Consensus Building and Grass Roots Efforts in a Comprehensive Urban Watershed Management Program
  10. DemoInfo--The Watershed
  11. Ecological Targets for Rehabilitation of the Rouge River
  12. Ecological Targets for Rehabilitation of the Rouge River: Part I - Interim Report on Fish Communities and Summer Temperatures: Part II - Interim Report on Discharge Regimes
  13. Estimated Total Pollution Delivered to Rouge River by Illicit Connections
  14. Guidelines for Conducting an Outfall Inventory
  15. Impoundment Limnological Studies
  16. Lower 1 Rouge River Subwatershed Management Plan
  17. Lower 2 Rouge River Subwatershed Management Plan
  18. Main 1-2 Subwatershed Management Plan
  19. Main 3-4 Rouge River Subwatershed Management Plan
  20. Management Study for the Bell Branch and Tarabusi Creek Subwatershed (Draft)
  21. Management Study for the Middle 3 Subwatershed (Draft)
  22. Meeting Objectives For Watershed Planning: A Decision Assessment Framework
  23. Middle 1 Subwatershed Management Study
  24. Middle 1 Rouge River Subwatershed Management Plan
  25. Middle 3 Subwatershed Management Plan
  26. Newburgh Lake Basis of Design Michigan Department of Environmental Quality-Surface Water Division Part 201 Voluntary
  27. Pebble Creek Erosion and Sedimentation Control Study
  28. Pilot Best Management Practice Project (319 Grant)
  29. Pilot Structural Best Management Practice Site Selection and Assessment
  30. Preliminary Pollution Loading Projections for Rouge River Watershed and Interim Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Plan
  31. Review of 1999 and Prospective on Year 2000
  32. Rouge Project Outreach Binder: Implementing An Urban Watershed Approach
  33. Rouge River Gateway Ecosystem Restoration Project Wayne County, Michigan
  34. Rouge River Project Watershed Management Technical Handbook
  35. Rouge River Reconnaissance Survey
  36. Rouge River Watershed Sediment Reconnaissance Survey
  37. Rouge Watershed Peer Review Findings Report wtih Recommendations September 23-27, 1996
  38. State of the Rouge Reports
  39. Stormwater Management For The Rouge River Watershed
  40. Strategies to Address On-site Sewage System Problems
  41. Stream and Dam Reaeration Studies Rouge River Reconnaissance Survey
  42. Upper Rouge River Subwatershed Management Plan
  43. User's Manual: Watershed Management Model (WMM) for Windows
  44. Watershed Poster

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The Rouge River National Wet Weather Demonstration Project is funded, in part, by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Grants #XP995743-01, -02, -03, -04, -05, -06, -07, -08, -09 and C-264000-01.